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Milford Town Center Plan

Milford has a bright future ahead, with an exciting town centre plan in development. With Auckland’s population only rising, the Auckland council is looking to carefully plan the future of business areas such as Milford’s to accommodate the inevitable rise in population. A plan has been developed with the assistance and input of the Milford community groups, this plan although still in its draft stages proposes some exciting developments for the town.

There are four main outcomes to be pursued in the Milford Town Centre plan.

  • Outcome One: A strong connection between Milford town centre, Milford Beach and Lake Pupuke
  • Outcome Two: Kitchener Road as a pedestrian friendly ‘main street’
  • Outcome Three: Quality destinations at the coastal edge and Lake Pupuke that attract locals and visitors to Milford
  • Outcome Four: A healthy and attractive Wairau Estuary that is a destination in its own right and has strong connections with the town centre and other Milford destinations

For the full Milford Town Centre Draft please click the link below.

Milford Town Centre Plan

Proposed Plans

The following images show just a few of the proposed developments to Milford Town Centre, these have been designed to enhance the shopping & living experience as well as the capability of the town to accommodate a growing population. To get a better idea of the plans for Milford it is best to check out the Town Centre Plan above. If you have any queries regarding this plan, contact the Devonport Takapuna Local Board.