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Milford Business Association:

The Milford Business Association is a group of professionals who oversee the development of Milford’s local BID. A Business Improvement District (BID) is a group of businesses and landlords within a defined boundary. BIDs gains funding through a direct levy on all landlords in the defined business district. The purpose of a BID is to have a professionally run executive committee made up of stakeholders (business owners, managers and landlords) that chart the direction they wish to pursue in a strategic plan which can then be executed by the local manager

Current Newsletters

Here you can find the current Milford Business Association Newsletters:

Who is included in the Milford BID?

If you are unsure whether or not your business or buildings are within the BID boundary you can take a look at the map below. Those business within the red area, are automatically eligible to become a part of the BID, if you are not already a member of the association and your business resides in this area, please contact Murray Hill to confirm your membership details.

If you reside outside the Business Association and feel as though your business contributes to the Milford business district you may be eligible to become an associate business member. An associate member is eligible for all the benefits of the business the business association; however a small membership fee is charged to the business, both to be fair to other members and to cover our own costs.

Your Town Centre Manager:

Murray Hill has been working as the Milford Town Centre Manager since November 2011. His role is to ensure that Milford continues to develop both as a vibrant shopping centre as well as a valuable, viable business hub. To achieve this, Murray organizes a variety of promotional activities, events & competitions. His role is to work together with local businesses, organizations and members of the community to build on Milford’s solid foundations creating a strong community we can all be proud to be a part of.

That has been shown in the fantastic work done by MILFORD Rotary who have worked tirelessly with Murray to improve the visual streetscape – painting all the street furniture, maintaining many gardens and assisting with the wonderful planter program that adds colour and a softness to the look and feel of our wonderful Town Centre.

Murray had a pivitol role in the upgrade of the Village Square, the covers on many of the power boxes in the main street and the mural on MILFORD Optomitrists alleyway wall. He has also been responsible for our Christmas decorations including our iconic Santa on his Pirate Ship and the stars that adore New World and Challenge at Christmas.

On the events front MILFORD now has 3 unique events embellished into it’s fabric:

  • Vive La France – February
  • Heritage Month – October
  • Pirate Market Day – November
  • Christmas by the Lake – an event that has become part of the way of life in MILFORD and is eagerly anticipated each year

Board Members: 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020

Brad Fretwell   Chairman   Bakers Delight

Tony Sands   Deputy Chair    Sands & Associates

Geoff Worger   Landlord

Cherry Worger   Non-voting   Landlord

Tom Hammond   General Manager Property NZRPG Management Ltd (Milford Centre mall)

Sarah Aston   New World

Rob Takle   Arazzo

Pravin Deo   Milford Paper Poer/Post Office

Steph King   Painted Bird

Caroline Mulholland   Well Hung Butchery


Administration: all part-time roles

Murray Hill   Town Centre Manger

Ron Sands   Treasurer

Heather Sands   Secretary


Devonport Takapuna Local Board Representative

Jan O’Connor

What we do:

Throughout the year we run four promotions which are designed to draw customers to Milford by running promotional competitions. Some examples of the prizes we have had up for grabs are; a $2000 travel voucher, an all-expenses paid family getaway, an apple iPad air, mother’s day pamper packs, 3 x $1000 Milford Shopping vouchers, and an Audi A1 for a year. The Milford Business Association provides promotional packs to all of its members, these packs contain all the information a business needs to make the promotion work effectively.

One of the biggest benefits of the BID program is the retail spend data the BID receives. BNZ Marketview Data capture Eftpos and Credit Card Sales from all businesses around the Auckland region and produces a quarterly report that states the sales trends of each business district. This information is critical to good decision making for both individual business and the Business Association itself. This data is available FREE to all members.

The Association also runs a fantastic mentor program through New Zealand Business Mentors. Business owners can secure a highly skilled mentor for a small cost of only $150 + GST. This gives business owners access to a highly experienced mentor in whatever field that is required, e.g. marketing, finance, business planning.

The Milford Business Association organize and manage Armourguard Security patrols for the streets of Milford at night to ensure that everything is safe and secure, reducing any problems that may occur at these times. This initiative is funded by the association and is a great example of the BID providing services for both business members and the wider community. Our security guard is often doing foot patrol at night to ensure patrons feel safe, if for some reason you need to contact him, his contact number is (09) 580 6400

The Association holds two major events throughout the year – Pirate Market Day in November based on our heritage (the pirate ship dance hall that used to be the ‘place to go’ in the 1930’s 40’s); and Viva La Francais, celebrating our French themed businesses and tying in with the French Film Festival at the nearby Berkeley Picture theatre. Both these events coincide with major rowing regattas on nearby Lake Pupuke. We run a shuttle service to and from the lake to the shopping centre, making sure that everyone can enjoy these fantastic events.

The Association has invested in improvements to the streetscape of Milford and will continues to do so. Below are some examples of past improvements the association has completed.

Revamped the Village Square in conjunction with the local residents association
Installed a major sculpture on the Village Square that is unique to Milford and encapsulates our heritage and surroundings
Put branded lights on the major intersections
Lit the central tree on the Catholic Church property on the corner of Fenwick Ave
Annually restrain all wooden council seats in the town centre
Installed bike racks with assistance from Auckland Transport
Removed many parking signs when creating our P30 Zonal Parking System