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Milford Town & Community

Milford is vibrant community and business district, with a wonderful range of boutique and unique stores. There is approximately 5,200 permanent residents in Milford, with approximately 300 businesses in the area. Businesses are thriving in Milford, with shop leases being snapped up almost immediately, it really is the place to be on the shore! Milford ideally located, close to both the city and Takapuna’s metropolitan centre while still retaining its village atmosphere.

There is everything one would need in and around Milford, with excellent Primary and Secondary school’s within the area, two supermarkets, banking, post facilities, great community centres, everything an individual or family would hope for in their local community.

Local Schools:

As well as these school, there are also numerous kindergarten & pre-school facilities in the Milford area.

Health Facilities:

Being situated so close to Takapuna definitely has its advantageous for a smaller centre like Milford, especially in terms of the close distance to health facilities. Within a 5 minute drive from Milford, you can reach all of the following health facilities.

As well of these having access to these facilities Milford is also home to a number of well established medical professionals work during normal business hours, check them out in our business directory.

Sports & Clubs:

With such a vibrant and close community it is no doubt that Milford is home to many exciting sports and community clubs.

These clubs are just a few that Milford has to offer to its locals, for more clubs check out our business directory.