Shore Footed Podiatry

Shore Footed Podiatry is your one-stop solution for high quality footcare. Covering the full range of podiatry services, their specialist shoe shop also provides footwear for wide and hard-to-fit feet, walking shoes, slippers, sandals and jandals.

They’ve been taking care of Aucklanders’ feet since 2001 and when you support Shore Footed Podiatry, you support Kiwis just like you all around New Zealand.

Shore Footed Podiatry offers you a 360-degree service when it comes to the wellbeing of your feet. The footwear collection separates the store from the rest in New Zealand. The wide range of footwear is handpicked to offer unique benefits for people with hard to fit feet, diabetics, arthritis suffers and those who need orthotic support.

So next time you’re walking through Milford, make sure to give your feet the care they deserve at Shore Footed Podiatry!