Scrunchy Millers

Scrunchy Millers is your one-stop shop for delicious ice cream in Milford. Mike and Hayley opened this store after Mike’s career as a flight attendant came to an end due to COVID-19. He discovered the deliciousness of Real Fruit ice cream and had to bring it to the Shore.

This was how Scrunchy Millers began! Not only do they have Real Fruit ice cream but they also have the best gelato and sorbetto you’ll ever taste. They also have options for everyone, including gluten free, dairy free and vegan.

Get a taste of summer as you walk into Scrunchy Millers. This trendy spot is here to satisfy your cravings! Whether you’re after some nice blocks, ice cream or cake, the choice is unlimited!

Treat yourself! Head down to Scrunchy Millers today and get yourself a delicious ice cream or some other goodies today!