Redevelopments for Milford New World

Delays have struck a big new North Shore supermarket project, meaning it won’t now be open for Christmas.

Angela Bull, the outgoing property development manager of Foodstuffs North Island, announced today the New World Milford would not be open until April.

“We had originally intended for New World Milford to open just in time for Christmas but we have encountered some site issues which means unfortunately we are now not able to open the store until April 2016.

“It is a real shame. We are really disappointed but we encountered some poor ground conditions and had to do additional excavations as a result,” explained Bull who is about to leave the supermarket giant to become chief executive of Tramco, one of Auckland’s wealthiest land owners.

“While we are disappointed about the delay, we think the result when the new store opens will be well worth it. New World Milford will have 40 per cent more retail space than the old store with a fantastic fresh food offer and plenty of space and natural light. We would like to thank our customers and the community for being so patient and supportive as we build the new store and we look forward to welcoming our customers when the doors to New World Milford open in April,” she said.

The store is replacing the New World which was demolished on Kitchener Rd, Milford’s main street.

Demolition took place in March.

The site is adjacent to the Milford Mall, which contains a Countdown supermarket.